Rep. Lori comments on Snyder budget plan

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State Rep. Matt Lori, R-Constantine, who serves on the House Appropriations Committee, made the following statement on Gov. Rick Snyder’s budget presentation:

“I am looking forward to examining Gov. Snyder’s budget proposal in detail. Today he opened the door to discussion on how we spend the money that our hard-working taxpayers entrust to us, and now it’s our goal to make sure we are making the best use of every dollar received.

“As chair of the Department of Community Health Appropriations Subcommittee, I applaud the governor and his call to expand Medicaid to cover nearly half a million more low-income Michigan residents. I think the smart thing to do is take whatever federal money is available and make the best of available resources and try to promote a healthy lifestyle. Those changes are the key to saving money as we move forward.”