Rep. Lilly to co-chair bipartisan MI Future Caucus

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LANSING – State Rep. Jim Lilly today launched the bipartisan MI Future Caucus, a caucus made up of 50 legislators under 40 years old.  The goal of the MI Future Caucus is to engage with young people by breaking through the partisan divide and to focus on generational issues to unite legislators.

“I’ve heard a plea from my constituents for two things in almost every forum I find myself in.  To find ways to work across the aisle and to ensure Michigan is a place the children of our state want to stay or move back to,” said Rep. Lilly. “This caucus is about both of those things.”


The caucus will focus on issues where there are significant opportunities to find common ground, such as focusing on Michigan’s economy, improving workforce training, and fostering a climate for entrepreneurship.

MI Future Caucus is co-chaired by Reps Lilly and Hammoud (D – Dearborn).  The caucus plans to hold networking events, town halls, and forums to re-engage millennials in the political process and ensure they feel their voices are being heard.

Michigan is the 23rd state to enact a Future Caucus spearheaded by the Millennial Action Project.  The group has a total network of over 500 legislators across the country.

“We have some of the most conservative and most progressive legislators in this group.  While it’s likely we have disagreements, it’s promising that everyone is willing to sit down and have a constructive conversation on the future of our state,” Lilly said. “I’m excited to begin working together through the MI Future Caucus.

For more information about the caucus, contact Rep. Lilly’s Lansing office by phone at 517-373-0830 or email at