Rep. LaFave’s air ambulance legislation flies through House

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The Michigan House of Representatives today overwhelmingly approved legislation authored by state Rep. Beau LaFave, of Iron Mountain.

LaFave’s measure requires air ambulance operations to give nonemergency patients a notice to be signed before sending an air ambulance to discuss all methods of transportation and costs. Many times, patients are transported to hospitals by air ambulance without having a say or knowing the costs.

Air ambulance companies currently participate in “balance billing” where the patient’s health care provider will pay for a portion of the bill, but not its entirety. This leaves patients with medical bills in the tens of thousands of dollars.

“I’m proud of my colleagues on both sides of the aisle for voting with patients and the people of the state of Michigan,” LaFave said. “This bill package is a small step in the right direction toward lowering health care costs and increasing transparency.”

House Bill 5219 now moves to the Senate for consideration.