Rep. Kowall legislation will ensure millage dollars reach voter-intended destination

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State Rep. Eileen Kowall today announced she is working on legislation to ensure that all millage dollars reach the voter-approved destination, instead of being captured by other local entities.

The Metro Detroit area has millages in place for the Detroit Zoo and the Detroit Institute of Arts. Recent news reports indicate that downtown development authorities in some Wayne County communities are capturing some of the zoo’s millage dollars, instead of forwarding the money directly to the intended source.

Kowall’s legislation would prevent these voter-approved millage dollars from being captured by local communities, requiring that every dollar collected be sent straight to the voter-approved recipient.

“If the people in our communities support a local millage, every last penny collected should be used for the intended purpose,” said Kowall, R-White Lake Township. “The will of the voters must be protected and the zoo, the DIA, and any other approved millage recipient should get the dollars the voters intended to send to them.”