Rep. Kahle introduces plan to boost clean fuel technology in Michigan

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Rep. Bronna Kahle recently introduced a plan to boost the development of technology associated with clean fuels while helping revitalize Michigan communities.

Kahle’s proposal would make research and development related to powertrains using clean fuels and electric vehicles eligible for community revitalization incentives. The goal is to spark private investment and create jobs through electric vehicles and other clean mobility technologies such as compressed natural gas.

“This is another logical step in continuing and broadening Michigan’s economic comeback,” Kahle said. “Our plan promotes job creation, community revitalization and clean fuels – three positive goals that can be accomplished together with the right strategy.”

Kahle’s legislation would broaden the Michigan Strategic Fund’s community revitalization incentive program to include advanced propulsion and mobility technologies vital to the development of power trains that use clean fuel.

It could assist innovative companies such as Venchurs Vehicle Systems in Adrian, which provides compressed natural gas fleet conversions for many Michigan companies.

“The clean fuel ecosystem needs to be supported for all of us here in Michigan so we can continue to provide jobs and compete with neighboring states,” said Jeff Wyatt, CEO at Venchurs Vehicle Systems. “This industry continues to be important and is clearly at the top of the agenda for the automotive industry going forward. We are grateful for Rep. Kahle’s proposal to promote the clean fuel industry because it will help both our environment and our economy.”

House Bill 6328 was referred to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee for consideration.