Rep. Kahle greets Lenawee students at Student Technology Showcase

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State Rep. Bronna Kahle of Adrian welcomed students from Madison Middle School and Lincoln Elementary to the state Capitol on Tuesday. The two groups of students took part in the 17th Annual Student Technology Showcase, where student teams from around the state demonstrate how technology can enhance teaching and learning for Michigan students.

“This is a great example of what can be achieved by our young and innovative students when given the opportunity to explore their interests,” Rep. Kahle said. “It is encouraging to see the commitment and interest demonstrated by these kids. Our community clearly has a bright future ahead.”

The event allowed lawmakers, business leaders and other citizens to see first-hand how technology is being utilized in classrooms across Michigan.

PHOTO INFORMATION: State Rep. Bronna Kahle visits with Madison Middle School (top) and Lincoln Elementary School in Adrian (below) students during the Student Technology Showcase at the state Capitol.