Rep. Johnson: Vaccine requirements should be decided by elected officials, not bureaucrats

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State Rep. Steven Johnson (R-Wayland), testified today in support of his legislation before the House Oversight Committee that requires new mandated vaccine requirements to be approved by a vote of the state legislature.

Johnson’s bill would remove the power of the Department of Health and Human Services to make rules relating to vaccines without having accountability to the citizens. Instead, a legislative vote would be required to create new vaccine mandates or make changes to existing vaccination requirements.

“This legislation gives power back to the people in these decisions,” said Johnson, a committee member. “Unelected bureaucrats do not have to answer directly to the people and are out of touch with the thoughts and concerns of many Michiganders.”

Mandated vaccine requirements currently in place would not be changed or affected by the passage of this legislation.

House Bill 5162 remains under consideration by the House Oversight Committee.

Photo Information: Rep. Johnson testifies before the House Oversight Committee in support of his bill Thursday.