Rep. Johnson unveils bill to better use renewable energy

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Measure is part of bipartisan solution on energy freedom


PHOTO INFORMATION: State Rep. Steve Johnson (R-Wayland) discusses his legislation, part of the bipartisan Energy Freedom package, during a Lansing news conference on Tuesday. Rep. Johnson, who serves on the House Energy Policy Committee, is sponsor of House Bill 5865, which allows groups of businesses or houses with access to renewable energy to create “microgrids” during power outages, providing power to their buildings using clean energy. “It makes no sense for buildings to be in the dark if alternative sources of power are available,” Rep. Johnson said during the news conference. Pictured with Rep. Johnson are state Rep. Gary Glenn (R-Williams Township), right, chair of the House Energy Policy Committee and sponsor of one of the bills in the package, and state Rep. Yousef Rabhi (D-Ann Arbor), left, who also has a bill in the bipartisan package.