Rep. Johnson sides with taxpayers, votes to end prevailing wage law

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Repeal means more money for classrooms, families


State Rep. Steve Johnson joined a majority of his House colleagues today in repealing the state’s prevailing wage law.

Rep. Johnson, of Wayland, said the mandate that public construction projects be built using union pay scales and benefits is not the best use of taxpayer money and could be used more effectively to fix Michigan roads, fund school classrooms or return money to hard-working taxpayers.

“Paying prevailing wage is like setting a minimum wage on construction work, except there is nothing minimum about paying inflated union wages for public works projects,” Rep. Johnson said. “In some states, such as Illinois, prevailing wage is 40 percent higher than the average non-union wage.

“This is not hard to understand. You have a group of people who get together and set an artificial wage rather than depending on the free market. The losers in prevailing wage states are taxpayers.”

The repeal was approved by the Michigan House by a 56-53 vote. The measure also cleared the state Senate, and now becomes law.