Rep. Johnson: Reviewing the year in the Michigan House

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Less government, more freedom. That is my focus in the Michigan House as I prioritize legislation to reduce government intrusion in our lives and best benefit the hard-working people of Allegan and Kent counties.

Two key votes from my first year representing the 72nd District demonstrate these priorities.

The first proposal, which I wholeheartedly supported, would roll back the state income tax rate. Our state government has a spending problem – not a revenue problem. This proposal would help limit the size and scope of state government while providing Michigan residents with a well-deserved and long overdue tax break.

The second proposal would have reformed Michigan’s car insurance system and significantly lowered rates for drivers. Michigan now has the highest car insurance rates in the nation, a top concern residents brought up at community events and my local office hours.

Unfortunately, neither of these proposals passed the House in 2017, but I will continue to fight for lower taxes and more affordable car insurance in the future.

Additionally, protecting our Second Amendment rights is a top priority of mine. I introduced legislation as part of a bipartisan package to implement ‘constitutional carry’ in Michigan. The bills would allow individuals who legally own a pistol but don’t have a concealed pistol license to legally carry in places where either CPL holders or open carry is currently allowed.

As a passionate advocate of local control, I believe local school administrators and parents – not Lansing bureaucrats – know what is best for their districts. That’s why I sponsored a proposal to repeal the state mandate that public schools must start their academic year after Labor Day. These decisions should be made closer to home by the people who live in the communities where the affected schools are located.

The bottom line: Government should be limited. I strongly believe that whatever government does should be accountable and transparent, which is why I post an explanation of every vote I take online. I also supported measures to increase accountability in state government by making the governor’s office and the Legislature subject to open records laws.

I and my staff are here to serve you! I encourage you to contact my office anytime with questions or concerns you may have about state government by calling (517) 373-0840 or emailing



(Rep. Steve Johnson represents the 72nd District in the Michigan House.)