Rep. Johnson: Driver responsibility fees were government overreach

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State Rep. Steven Johnson today applauded a strong, bipartisan vote in the Michigan House to end the onerous driver responsibility fees that have been in effect for nearly 15 years and free Michigan families from the associated debt.

Johnson, of Wayland, said the fees were first enacted in 2003 when irresponsible spending of taxpayer money by a previous administration created a budget shortfall. The fees were put in place with the sole purpose of balancing the budget, and in no way helped people improve their driving skills.

“This was a reprehensible example of the government overreaching its taxing powers and forcing hundreds of thousands of people to pay a fee to correct a fiscal error,” Johnson said. “I am very pleased to have a hand in bringing this fee to an end and enabling people to keep more of their own money.”

 Johnson said the legislation advanced today, ending the fees on October 1, 2018, gives people who lost their driving privileges a chance to legally get behind the wheel of a car again, and provides a grace period from enactment of the law until December 31 during which they can do so without being assessed the $125 fee usually charged for a new license.

The bills now go to the governor for consideration.