Rep. Iden’s bill streamlines state ridesharing regulations, now heads to governor

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The Michigan House of Representatives today approved state Rep. Brandt Iden’s bill to create a more uniformed set of rules across the state regarding transportation network companies.

State Senate passed House Bill 4639 earlier today and was returned to the House for a concurrence vote where it was approved and will now head to Gov. Rick Snyder for consideration.

“Uber and Lyft are transportation companies (TNCs) that have gained tremendous traction in the past few years as access to ride share apps have become more prevalent on mobile devices,” said Rep. Iden, R-Oshtemo.

This bill package will create a statewide uniform system for all forms of ridesharing and transportation for hire, and drivers to operate under.

“The safety and protection of our Michigan residents as both passengers, as well as, drivers who operate under TNCs, needs to be the forefront of concern among lawmakers,” said Rep. Iden. “Clarification is key here and by creating a unified, statewide law for TNCs we support ride share companies and encourage the entrepreneurial free market spirit these companies embody.

“We need to support these companies by providing a framework to thrive in and allow these companies to connect with people who are in need of their ride share service.”