Rep. Howrylak seeks Michigan Taxpayer Bill of Rights

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State Rep. Martin Howrylak introduced House Joint Resolution T, which would amend Michigan’s Constitution (Section 28 of Article IX) to limit state spending and establish a Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

If enacted, Rep. Howrylak’s proposal will limit the maximum increase in spending for each fiscal year to the annual inflation rate for the immediately preceding fiscal year plus an adjustment for the percentage change in the state’s population. Under this reform, the state will also be required to return any revenue collected in excess of the allowable spending amount to the Michigan taxpayers.

“It should not be assumed that taxpayers agree when politicians choose to increase spending at a rate that is greater than population growth plus the rate of inflation,” said Rep. Howrylak. “In order to control and restrain government spending, we must also limit the amount of revenue the state can legally obtain from taxpayers. My proposal will place necessary limitations on state government spending and more importantly, ensure excess revenue is returned to Michigan’s hardworking taxpayers.”

HJR T was referred to the House Appropriations Committee for consideration.