Rep. Howrylak legislation to increase access for mental healthcare services

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State Rep. Martin Howrylak has introduced two bills to ensure mental health care coverage would be just as accessible to patients as other forms of medical treatment.

If enacted, House Bills 6011 and 6012 will amend the Nonprofit Health Care Corporation Reform Act and the Insurance Code Act to require insurers to offer the same coverage for mental health services as traditional medical care.

“Access to affordable mental health treatment has long been an area of great concern to me,” said Rep. Howrylak, R-Troy. “There should be no question about the need to fully, consistently, and adequately care for those in need of mental health services. HBs 6011-12 will help achieve that goal by making mental healthcare just as accessible as other forms of medical treatment.”

Other states such as Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois have successfully implemented similar mental health parity legislation. These policies prevent insurers from discriminating between coverage provided for a mental illness and other diseases.

HBs 6011-12 were referred to the House Committee on Health Policy for consideration.