Rep. Hornberger’s ‘right to carry’ legislation gains committee approval

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State Rep. Pamela Hornberger’s legislation enabling law-abiding citizens to carry concealed pistols without obtaining a government-issued permit was approved today by the House Judiciary Committee.

Hornberger’s legislation, House Bill 4417, is part of a four-bill package that gives people back their fundamental right to bear arms and ensures that law-abiding citizens do not have additional burdens placed upon them for carrying a pistol for their personal protection.

“The Constitution grants all the permission the people of Michigan need to carry a firearm for their personal protection,” said Hornberger, of Chesterfield Township. “Honest, law-abiding citizens shouldn’t have to obtain a government-issued permit to exercise a right guaranteed by our Second Amendment.  Our current law allows law abiding citizens to open carry without a license.  People who are legally allowed to possess a pistol should not be taxed to conceal it under a piece of clothing.”

Hornberger stressed the legislation would not give criminals more access to pistols, as it does not remove the requirement that a person receive a background check to purchase a handgun.

“These reforms give legal gun owners more freedom to exercise their fundamental rights without impacting the protections already in place to prevent criminals from purchasing pistols,” Hornberger said.

While a permit would not be required to carry a concealed pistol if the bills are enacted into law, Hornberger said the current permitting structure would remain in place as an option. Michigan residents could choose to obtain a CPL to continue to carry and receive reciprocity in states that recognize Michigan’s permit. A CPL will also still be necessary for people to carry openly in certain restricted zones.

House Bills 4416-19 now move to the full House for consideration.