Rep. Hornberger lauds budget’s focus on roads, sewer systems

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Added funds could prevent another sinkhole disaster

State Rep. Pamela Hornberger today joined her House colleagues in approving a state budget that infuses a record amount of money into fixing and maintaining the state’s transportation and underground utilities systems.

Hornberger, of Chesterfield Township, said it is vital that the Legislature continue to fund much-needed repairs of the infrastructure, both above and beneath ground.

“The sinkhole in Macomb County has impacted nearly two dozen communities, including some that I serve in the Legislature,” Hornberger said. “While it is very easy to see that our roads have potholes and our bridges are crumbling, it is less obvious when the problem lies several feet underground.”

Hornberger also said increased funding for K-12 classrooms – the greatest amount in the state’s history – will help schoolchildren across the state get a quality education. The school districts in the communities Hornberger serves will receive added per-student funding, helping to close a spending gap that has existed for decades between large and small school districts.

“This funding inequity puts financial stress on smaller school districts, and it is important that they receive additional state money to level the playing field,” Hornberger said.

Other aspects of the state budget include:

  • The 2017-18 budget spends less on the state budget next year than was spent during the current year.
  • Overall growth in spending does not exceed the rate of inflation. Just like families across Michigan, the Legislature is tightening the state’s belt by cutting inefficient programs and eliminating waste in state government.
  • The Legislature addresses the need for more road and bridge repair and maintenance by allocating a record amount of money for transportation and water delivery systems.
  • The budget helps make life better in communities across Michigan by adding money for road repairs, public safety departments, parks and other programs to improve our daily lives.
  • The plan pays down millions of dollars in debt, helping relieve state liability and opening the door for a more secure financial future.
  • We have consistently increased funding for public safety in recent years, and communities will be even safer with 150 more Michigan State Police troopers funded in this budget.
  • School funding continues to increase, and is at an all-time high, while at the same time the student count has been drastically decreasing across the state.