Rep. Hauck seeks answers to high winter utility bills

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Energy Policy Committee conducting inquiry


State Rep. Roger Hauck today said he and others serving on the House Energy Policy Committee are determined to get answers about skyrocketing electric bills that some people say have doubled or tripled in cost this winter.

Hauck, of Union Township, said the committee heard testimony from one utility company about the spike in charges. While representatives of that utility testified that prolonged bitter cold weather might be responsible for the higher costs, Hauck said he wants more information.

“It simply does not make sense that someone’s bill should be double what they usually pay, and the justification we have heard so far has not resolved my concerns,” Hauck said. “Our economy is growing, but some families still find it difficult to make ends meet, and they cannot afford these steep rate increases. We need to be putting more money in people’s pockets. I’ll continue to work to get to the bottom of this.”

The committee plans to hear additional testimony regarding the issue.