Rep. Hall highlights new car insurance law taking effect today

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State Rep. Matt Hall, of Marshall, today underscored new no-fault reforms in Michigan that will deliver long-overdue relief to drivers throughout the state. Hall was instrumental in advancing the landmark legislation as it went through the Michigan House.

For nearly 50 years, Michigan drivers have been forced to purchase what has become the most expensive car insurance in the nation. But now, they’ll finally have the power of choice.

A new law guarantees lower rates by giving drivers the ability to select their level of personal injury protection coverage, halting price gouging on medical services for car accident victims, combating fraudulent claims and strengthening consumer protections.

“I heard from people across Calhoun and Kalamazoo counties who explained to me that this was a top priority of theirs,” Hall said. “The cost – combined with the mandated coverage level – was taking hard-earned money away from people. It was forcing families into difficult financial decisions. So I’m proud to have led the effort for this change. This law allows people to choose the level of coverage that’s right and affordable for them and their family.”

In addition to the guaranteed savings provided under the new law, the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) announced it was reducing its annual per-vehicle assessment fee of $220 to $100 beginning today. The new total marks a nearly 20-year low, and the MCCA credited the reforms Hall helped pass through the Michigan House for the fee reduction.

Hall invites Michigan drivers who are interested in more information on the new law to visit, a user friendly platform that includes a rundown of all the new coverage level options, educational guides and shopping tips to help people maximize savings.