Rep. Griffin’s plan expanding access to chiropractic services for car accident victims signed into law

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Car accident victims will soon have greater access to several chiropractic services covered by personal injury protection (PIP) benefits after a plan sponsored by Rep. Beth Griffin was signed into law this week.

Under the new law, Michigan chiropractors will be able to be reimbursed through PIP coverage for services they can legally provide through their scope of practice beginning July 2, 2021.

Currently, chiropractors may be only be reimbursed for a few limited services. Griffin, of Mattawan, said this puts chiropractors at a significant disadvantage because they must send a majority of car accident patients elsewhere for pain management and rehabilitative services.

“Michigan’s insurance laws need to treat all medical professionals the same, including equal reimbursement for similar services,” Griffin said. “Under the new law, car accident victims will soon be able to choose their health providers, be it chiropractor or not, to receive the treatment they need and with a doctor they know well and trust.

“This law will give car accident victims more treatment options that do not involve expensive and addicting opioid medications and is a win for Southwest Michigan families.”

Chiropractors provide multiple forms of pain management care that can reduce a patient’s need for expensive and addictive opioid medication. Griffin said this ultimately could lower insurance costs for patients who may otherwise frequently rely on addicting, pain-reducing medications.

House Bill 4449 is now Public Act 104 of 2020.