Rep. Green, Michigan House vote to protect essential services including rural hospitals

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Rep. Phil Green today voted with the Michigan House to reverse the governor’s cuts to health care, public safety and other essential services important to residents of the Thumb.

Green, of Millington, is leading the fight to restore the more than $16 million the governor vetoed supporting rural hospitals with relatively higher rates of Medicaid and low-income patients.

“Hospitals help form the foundation of our rural communities, and that foundation must be strong,” said Green, who has been married to a nurse for two decades.

“These vetoes shouldn’t have happened,” Green said. “But I am going to do all I can to restore this funding – for health care, public safety and many other services I know are absolutely critical to Michigan families.”

Green and the House also voted restore $7.9 million for rural hospitals providing obstetrician care, $10.7 million to improve pediatric psychiatric services, and additional money to help children with autism and Michigan residents fighting opioid drug abuse.

The measure reverses the governor’s $13 million in cuts to the program allowing sheriffs to hire patrols for secondary roads, and also restores $10 million Whitmer eliminated for school safety grants.

The plan also supports services for military veterans, along with educational programs including literacy and dropout recovery initiatives.