Rep. Glenn’s committee hears testimony on electric vehicles

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Legislators discuss equipment needed for the future


The House Energy Committee, chaired by state Rep. Gary Glenn, peered into the future today, listening as experts in electric vehicles (EV) explained what system of chargers will be necessary to keep them on the road.

Glenn (R-Williams Township) said Michigan must establish an infrastructure for the expected growth in EV ownership, which some predict could hit 700,000 vehicles in Michigan by 2030.

“Michigan must be a leader in electric vehicle technology, and in that process we must have a blueprint for a system of chargers to support that growth,” Glenn said. “Michigan has always been at the forefront of automobile development, and EVs are the next evolution.”

Testifying at the hearing were key stakeholders in the industry, including the Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council, the Michigan Public Service Commission, Ford Motor Co., and DTE and Consumers Energy.

Discussion focused on the growth of EV ownership, and the possible drain on the electric grid if many drivers charge their vehicles at the same time, such as in the period after work.

“It’s vital that the grid is able to handle the increased demand that electric vehicles will present,” Glenn said. “We also need to have the discussion about how the charging system will be developed and paid for. These are the unknowns that we need answers to as the technology advances.”

Glenn said the committee will continue hearings on the issue.