Rep. Glenn resolution declares Dec. 7 as Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day in Michigan

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Midland lawmaker proud of bipartisan measure that marks father’s service

Almost three-quarters of a century ago, U.S. Marine Pfc. James R. Glenn survived Japan’s surprise bombing attack on Pearl Harbor, near Honolulu, Hawaii. Now, 74 years later, his son, state Rep. Gary Glenn has the honor of adding Michigan to the nation’s 2015 remembrance of that horrific day that pulled the United States into World War II.

On Thursday, the Michigan House approved Rep. Glenn’s House Resolution 192 to mark Dec. 7, 2015 as Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day in the state of Michigan. It was co-sponsored by Republican Reps. Kurt Heise, Tom Hooker, and Martin Howrylak, and Democrat Reps. Marcia Hovey-Wright, Bill LaVoy, Sarah Roberts, and Andy Schor.

“Our nation will never forget the Pearl Harbor attack as we memorialize on this solemn anniversary the brave Americans killed and wounded on Dec. 7, 1941 with our respect and appreciation for their service and sacrifice for our country,” said Rep. Glenn, R-Midland. “This day of the year has especially deep meaning for me, personally, because my dad was stationed at Pearl Harbor during the attack.”

The two-hour morning bombing from the empire of Japan air and naval forces killed 2,400 Americans and wounded 1,100, and destroyed about 20 U.S. naval vessels and 200 airplanes.

Rep. Glenn currently is chairman of the Michigan Chapter of the Sons and Daughters of Pearl Harbor Survivors, a non-profit remembrance association.

His HR 192 concludes: “May this resolution serve not only as a symbol of American freedom and liberty, but also as a new call to all Americans to do their utmost in memorializing and honoring all who fought by conscientiously demonstrating a genuine love of all that America embodies.”