Rep. Glenn continues probe into utility bill problems

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Legislator: Many questions remain unanswered


State Rep. Gary Glenn, chair of the House Energy Policy Committee, continued testimony on utility customer complaints, today hearing reports that some energy bills have doubled or tripled in recent months.

Glenn (R-Williams Township) has used the past few committee meetings to hear from people concerned about their escalating electricity bills and billing problems. He said he appreciates officials from Consumers Energy testifying today, but said too many questions remain unanswered.

“Consumers Energy blamed the increased electric bills on a variety of reasons, such as the prolonged bitter cold, a longer billing cycle during the holidays and people using a program that lets them choose their natural gas provider, which they say drives up costs,” Glenn said. “While these might be valid explanations for moderate increases, they do not explain the people who have seen their bills double or triple.

“And the sad part is, if they were dealing with any other business, people could choose to have a different provider, one that offers electric service at a lower cost,” Glenn said. “But in Michigan we are extremely limited in electric choice, so we end up at the mercy of a monopoly.”

Glenn said he will continue to delve into the increased electric bills to determine if the higher bills are brought about by smart meter malfunctions, misread analog meters or some other issue.