Rep. Garcia bill protecting medication services signed into law

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Legislation sponsored by state Rep. Daniela R. García that maintains a hospital’s ability to manage an automated prescription device within its facility or at an affiliated location was signed into law Monday by Gov. Rick Snyder.

“Health care facilities will be able to continue to deliver their pharmacy services as is across the state of Michigan,” said Rep. García, R-Holland.  “I’m pleased that Gov. Snyder signed my bill and helped to correct what would be a costly problem.”

House Bill 5877, now Public Act 528 of 2016, is in response to U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) regulation that stipulated automated devices could be operated within a hospital only if it had a licensed pharmacy at the same address. The DEA also specified that if a device was located at an affiliated facility of the hospital, it would have to be under the control of a licensed pharmacist.

Automated devices, commonly referred to as Pyxis machines, ensure the correct medication and dosage is prescribed for a patient, via a licensed health professional. The equipment includes security measures, such as fingerprint recognition.

“We had to react quickly to get this legislation into law,” Rep. García said. “It was important to limit the financial exposure of health care systems in our state and to preserve patient safety.”