Rep. Crawford kicks-off Summer Reading Contest for local students

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Lawmaker offers winning contestant chance to be “State Rep. for a Day”

State Rep. Kathy Crawford, R-Novi, is encouraging students to continue to read this summer after school gets out by hosting a local summer reading program.

Rep. Crawford launched the Summer Reading Contest by visiting Sayre Elementary School in South Lyon where she met with students in several classrooms to explain the contest rules and to stress the importance and value of reading.

State Rep. Kathy Crawford reading to local classroom at Sayre Elementary School to kick-off the Summer Reading Contest for students to win a chance to be “State Rep. for a Day.”

“This is a great opportunity to get students of all ages involved in the community and doing something positive with their time,” said Rep. Crawford. “It is also another way for families and parents to get involved with their child’s education by enjoying some quality time reading a book together or recalling interesting facts that can broaden their topics of discussion.

The Summer Reading Contest guidelines for House District 38 are included in Rep. Crawford’s customized bookmark. The bookmarks have been mailed to schools within the district and sent home with students and are also available digitally on Rep. Crawford’s website at

One lucky student and their family will be invited as special guests to accompany Rep. Crawford at the state Capitol to experience life as a state lawmaker.

“The inner workings of state government are intriguing and there are so many different facets involved with the legislative process that this opportunity can really open a young person’s mind and influence their life goals positively.”

State Rep. Kathy Crawford explains to students at Sayre Elementary School the importance of reading and how they can win a chance to become “State Rep. for a Day” through her Summer Reading Contest.

Students in grades first through sixth are eligible to participate by reading ten or more books and filling in the necessary information on Rep. Crawford’s Summer Bookmark. Each completed bookmark must be submitted and dropped in the designated contest box at your local library or mailed to the office on or before Tuesday, Sept. 6 in order to be considered for entry into the contest.

For additional information about the Summer Reading Contest please contact Rep. Crawford’s office:

PHONE: 517-373-0827

ADDRESS: S887 Anderson Building P.O. Box 30014 Lansing, MI 48909