Rep. Crawford hosts Michigan State Fair Scholarship winners at Capitol

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State Rep. Kathy Crawford of Novi welcomed the 2017 Michigan State Fair Scholarship winners from across the state to the Capitol on Thursday.

The Michigan State Fair promotes positive achievements in rural and urban agriculture, business and industry. This year’s winners have accomplishments in a variety of categories, such as animal/livestock, home arts, agriculture and urban/rural farming, and have been awarded over $40,000 in scholarships. Winners were recognized on the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives and met with lawmakers regarding the work that earned them their awards.

“These young people have a tremendous amount of passion for agriculture and the drive to continue their education,” Rep. Crawford said. “This is a fantastic program that allows them to use their ambition to further their education.”

Rep. Crawford also gave special recognition to the six winners from her hometown of Novi. The winners include Heather Gregory, Aaron Hutka, Alana Hutka, Susanna Khanuk, Lillyanna Keskinen and Miriam Klenke.


PHOTO INFORMATION: State Rep. Kathy Crawford greeted (from left to right) Lillyanna Keskinen, Heather Gregory and Susanna Khanuk of Novi as her guests on the House floor. All three girls were awarded scholarships at the Michigan State Fair, which celebrates the positive aspects of rural and urban agriculture, business and industry in Michigan.