Rep. Cox: New state budget will save money for taxpayers while improving roads, public safety

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Rep. Laura Cox said today that a newly signed state budget plan respects Michigan’s taxpayers while investing in top priorities such as road repairs, public safety and health care.

“An efficient and effective government is accountable both to the people paying the bills and the people relying on its essential services,” said Cox, chair of the House Appropriations Committee, after attending a bill signing ceremony with Gov. Rick Snyder and legislative colleagues. “This budget plan proves the state of Michigan can significantly increase investments in the programs that matter most without growing state government overall.”

The governor today signed Senate Bill 848, a budget bill covering multiple state departments and agencies. A separate bill that provides funding for K-12 schools and higher education remains under consideration.

Highlights of the legislation signed today include:

  • Savings for taxpayers and smart financial planning. Spending from a fund that covers multiple state departments and agencies – called the general fund — is projected to be less next budget year than during the current year. A prison will be closed and budgets for several state departments will decline as state government becomes more efficient and eliminates waste. Cox noted the new budget pays down debt and puts more money into the state’s main savings account, key steps that will continue to reduce the burden on Michigan’s hard-working taxpayers in the future.


  • Road repairs. The state continues to accelerate its timeline for reconstructing roads and bridges with a record-high $4 billion investment. State-level funding will be $1 billion higher than just a few years ago, with more measures to make sure projects are done on time and on budget with strengthened warranties.


  • Public safety. The bill signed today includes grants to make school buildings safer across the state and also expands Michigan’s OK2SAY confidential tip reporting program. The plan funds training for 155 new Michigan State Police troopers.


  • Health care. More resources will fight the opioid abuse crisis and boost community mental health services.


“I am proud of this plan, and thankful for everyone who worked so hard to put it together,” Cox said. “I have no doubt this budget will strengthen Michigan’s standing as a great place to live.”


PHOTO INFORMATION: Rep. Laura Cox speaks at the budget bill signing ceremony.