Rep. Cole’s CPL photo legislation approved by House

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Bill allows Secretary of State to share photographs with Michigan State Police

State Rep. Triston Cole’s bill to clarify that the Secretary of State can share driver’s license photos with the Michigan State Police for concealed weapons permits received bipartisan support when the House approved it this week.

“This is just common sense. People applying for their CPL shouldn’t have to supply a photo when the state already has one on file,” said Cole, of Mancelona. “Allowing two state departments to use the same professional photos will increase efficiency, cutting down on the time it takes to process CPL applications. It will also bring some continuity to the various licenses people hold in their wallets.”

A bill signed into law in 2015 requires the Secretary of State to provide a photograph to the Michigan State Police if one is available for someone who has applied for a concealed weapons permit. However, another current statute prevents the Secretary of State from sharing photos for purposes not listed in that law. Cole’s bill modifies that statute to clarify that photos taken by the Secretary of State are authorized to be shared with the Michigan State Police for the purposes of concealed weapons licensing.

House Bill 4204 now moves to the Senate for consideration.