Rep. Cole reintroduces bill to hold state departments accountable

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State Rep. Triston Cole delivered testimony today before the House Committee on Oversight on a bill he sponsored to limit the ability of Michigan state departments to adopt rules that are more stringent than the federal government’s regulations.

House Bill 4205, nicknamed “no greater than the feds” legislation, does not prohibit departments from implementing stricter rules, it simply requires greater justification. The legislation is intended to prevent these rules from being made by unelected bureaucrats rather than by Michigan’s elected officials in the Legislature.

“We’re improving Michigan’s competitiveness by establishing a regulatory system,” Rep. Cole said. “Rules can still be more stringent than the federal government, this legislation simply ensures we look closer when those rules are made, so Michigan is not overregulated.”

An administrative rule refers to a state agency’s written regulation, statement, standard, policy, ruling or instruction that has the effect of law.

Questions about this legislation may be directed to Rep. Cole’s office at (517) 373-0829 or