Rep. Cole issues statement on governor’s veto of morel mushroom bill

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Gov. Rick Snyder today vetoed state Rep. Triston Cole’s legislation to eliminate the certification mandate on individuals who buy and sell morel mushrooms.

Rep. Triston Cole, R-Mancelona, issued the following statement in response:

“House Bill 5532 amended the state’s food code by exempting morel mushrooms from the certification process.

 “I am profoundly disappointed with the governor’s veto of this legislation. The Michigan Department of Agriculture’s concern with a practice that has taken place for generations by morel mushroom enthusiasts is egregious. It is a flawed, bureaucratic process implemented by a department to overregulate businesses and hinder their ability to add this unique delicacy to their menu.

“This legislation was brought about by local restauranteurs that were and are continuing to struggle to purchase fresh picked, seasonal morel mushrooms. I continue to have the upmost respect and confidence that our chefs know what they are purchasing, preserving and preparing for food enthusiasts.

“I’ve been in communication with the governor’s office to find a workable solution on this issue.”