Rep. Cole discusses public transportation in Michigan House committee

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State Rep. Triston Cole, of Mancelona, today welcomed representatives from the Michigan Public Transit Association to the Michigan House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

Clark Harder, executive director for the Michigan Public Transit Association and Dusty Fancher from the Midwest Strategy Group attended the committee meeting to give a presentation about the importance of local public transportation.

“Public transportation, especially for seniors and individuals with disabilities, is important,” said Cole, committee chair. “Public transportation plays a role that lowers costs for these individuals and takes the burden off family members.”

Public transportation in Michigan provided more than 101 million rides in 2008, a 16.8 percent increase over 2005 and roughly double the national increase in transit ridership for the same period. Michigan’s transit fleet has approximately 3,600 vehicles that travel over 110 million miles each year. According to the National Household Transportation Survey, more than one in five of Americans age 65 and older do not drive. For many seniors, access to transportation is a big factor in whether they are able to stay in their homes or move.

The Michigan Public Transit Association is a non-profit statewide association incorporated in 1977.