Rep. Cole approves real solution to Michigan road-funding crisis

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(LEFT TO RIGHT) Rep. Triston Cole, Rep. Aaron Miller and Rep. Lee Chatfield discuss road funding solutions during Wednesday’s late night session.

Lawmaker votes to expand tax credits, increases tax relief for middle class families, seniors and young adults

State Rep. Triston Cole, R-Mancelona, voted to approve the House Republican road funding package today, including an amendment he offered that ensures every dollar in the $600 million reserve fund be directly contributed to fixing Michigan’s roads and bridges.

 “I have listened to the folks in my district and the number one priority is addressing our state’s roads crisis,” Rep. Cole said. “The overwhelming cost to maintain a vehicle on Michigan roadways every day is the highest in the nation. Our young adults looking to settle down here and positively contribute to Michigan’s economy are unfortunately out of luck because the cost associated with transportation fees on top of living expenses isn’t reasonable. In fact, it’s outrageous.”

The House GOP roads plan includes the use of $600 million in existing revenue funds and $600 million in new revenue to address our state’s crumbling infrastructure. The plan also provides $200 million in tax relief by expanding the Homestead Property Tax Credit for middle-class families, low-income residents and seniors.

“The folks that drive to work right now are literally throwing their money out the window as they will likely spend much of what they’ve earned in transportation related costs,” Rep. Cole said. “I am voting in support of this bill package because it is a long-term, real solution to fixing Michigan’s roads and bridges.

“Expanding the Homestead Property Tax Credit will provide much needed assistance for the folks in my district and I would be doing my constituents a disservice if I did not vote with their best interest in mind.”

The bills now move to the Senate for consideration.