Rep. Chatfield co-sponsors bill criminalizing dismemberment abortion practices

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State Rep. Lee Chatfield is co-sponsoring legislation that would ban and criminalize the practice of dismemberment abortion.

“In the wake of the recent revelations of dismemberment abortions taking place across the country, it’s time for Michigan to take a stand,” said Rep. Chatfield, R-Levering. “Harvesting body parts from unborn children is not only disturbing and inhumane, but it serves no medical purpose, and shouldn’t be tolerated.”

The two-bill package includes House Bills 4833 and 4834. HB 4833 defines and adds dismemberment abortion to the Michigan penal code, making it a criminal offense to perform the procedure. HB 4834 adds dismemberment abortion to the Michigan code of criminal procedure adjacent to partial-birth abortion, creating a maximum two-year prison sentence for those who perform the operation.

“This legislation will not only serve to protect our precious unborn citizens, but help pave the way for other states to do the same,” Rep. Chatfield said. “By putting a stop to dismemberment abortions in our great state, we will set an example for the rest of the country; Michigan does not stand for and will not tolerate these ghastly and depraved practices.”

HBs 4833 and 4834 have been referred to the House Committee on Criminal Justice for further consideration.