Rep. Callton posts perfect voting record for first term in office

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As the Michigan Legislature begins a new year in Lansing, state Rep. Mike Callton is among a distinguished group of lawmakers with a perfect voting record.

Official vote counts confirm that Callton, R-Nashville, did not miss any of the 914 roll call votes taken by the Michigan House during 2012.  Callton, who also posted a perfect voting record in 2011, completed his entire first term as a lawmaker without missing a single vote.

“Being there every day that we’re in session to represent the concerns of this district is very important,” Callton said.

Among the accomplishments of the House last year were early passage of a balanced state budget and reforms to improve the quality of life for Michigan’s veterans.

“I look forward to achieving another perfect voting record in my second term, as well as putting forth a solid effort in 2013 to make Michigan’s economy as healthy as it can possibly be,” Callton said.

Residents can contact Callton’s office at (517) 373-0842 or by e-mail at