Rep. Calley welcomes winners of summer reading contest to state Capitol

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State Rep. Julie Calley welcomed four students and their families to the Capitol to be junior representatives for a day and experience the life of a Michigan state representative.

Local students entered the contest by reading books over the summer, filling out a bookmark with their name and the list of books that they read, and returning it to their local library.

During their day in Lansing, the students took an oath of office, learned about the responsibilities of being a state representative, participated in a mock committee meeting, met with the Lieutenant Governor, and toured the Capitol.

“There are two things that I hope they will remember,” Rep. Calley said. “First, literacy is an essential foundation for success. Second, diversity enriches any decision-making body. No matter which professions they choose, public service is an option.”

“The junior representatives were extraordinary,” Calley continued. “Hosting them at the Capitol is one of my favorite days of the year.”

Fourth-grader Lucas Halanski, from Lakewood Elementary School, received special recognition for reading the most pages. He read 1,704 pages over the summer.

The four students who attended read 40 books, totaling over 3,890 pages.

  • Ellen Craig, a second-grader at Alto Elementary School, read 1,163 pages;
  • Anna Halanski, a second-grader at Lakewood Elementary School, read 794 pages;
  • Lucas Halanski, a fourth-grader at Lakewood Elementary School, read 1,704 pages;
  • Jacob Rogalski, a first-grader at Saranac Elementary School, read 230 pages.

Unable to attend the day in Lansing was fifth-grader Mhairi Johnstone from St. Rose of Lima Catholic School in Hastings.

Rep. Calley was honored to welcome this remarkable group of students, their families, teachers, and librarians to the Capitol.

PHOTO INFORMATION: Joining Rep. Julie Calley at the Capitol are (from left) students Ellen Craig, Anna Halanski, Jacob Rogalski and Lucas Halanski.