Rep. Calley welcomes Delton Kellogg High School Marching Band to state Capitol

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State Rep. Julie Calley welcomed 50 students and their families to the Capitol to celebrate their recent trip to Honolulu, Hawaii, where they marched in the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade on Dec. 7, 2017.

The Delton Kellogg High School Marching Band was selected after receiving recommendations from various state and local music educators to perform in the Pearl Harbor remembrance ceremony. They were one of two bands selected from the state of Michigan. The band raised nearly $85,000 from donations and hosted eight events around their community.

After touring the Capitol, the students were honored on the House floor by Rep. Calley, met with the director of the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency, James Redford and Senator Mike Nofs of Battle Creek.

“This group has participated in many local events geared toward veterans,” Rep. Calley said. “I am confident their service in the Pearl Harbor Parade will impact them for years to come.”