Rep. Calley proposal eliminating obsolete reference is signed

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Clean-up needed in election protocol with no positions present in state

A bill introduced by state Rep. Julie Calley of Portland updating Michigan election statutes has been signed into law.

The bill was part of a package that eliminated references to a local office no longer being utilized. There are currently no elected boards of county auditors in the state of Michigan. The last remaining board, located in Saginaw County, was phased out in 2005.

Due to the revision, passages in Michigan election law mentioning the position of county auditor were removed. House Bill 5114, which becomes Public Act 225 of 2018, takes out a requirement that a general election be held to elect a county auditor. Companion legislation sponsored by state Rep. Michael Webber, of Rochester Hills, removes the requirement for primary elections.

“We needed to address the sections within election law that have been rendered outdated. That’s an essential part of our job as legislators,” Calley said. “Removing archaic portions creates transparency, efficiency and clarity within our state government.”