Rep. Calley joins House colleagues in voting for budget

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Spending plan boosts funding for education, road projects

State Rep. Julie Calley today voted for an effective and efficient state budget that increases spending on education and transportation system repairs while at the same time reducing the size of government.

Calley, of Portland, said the budget is a fiscally responsible blueprint for Michigan.

“This budget does more than just fund the vital departments, programs and services upon which Michigan residents depend,” Calley said. “We accomplish that – record spending on K-12 education and the most money ever spent on our transportation system – on fewer state taxpayer dollars than those being used in the current general state budget. That’s conservative, accountable budgeting.”

Calley said the budget aims to boost the number of career and technical workers available for the in-demand jobs by increasing training funds by one-third.

Road and bridge projects will see an increase in the coming budget year as well.

“We cut the size of state government so we could dedicate more money to fix our crumbling transportation system,” Calley said. “We need less bureaucracy and more asphalt and concrete for our roads in Michigan.”

She also pointed out the Legislature made sure it was using taxpayer money efficiently.

“Just like families across Michigan, we have tightened our belt by cutting inefficient programs and eliminating waste in state government,” Calley said. “We strive to be good stewards of the taxpayer money people entrust to us by forcing government to live within its means.”

Other aspects of the state budget include:

  • Overall growth in spending does not exceed the rate of inflation.
  • The budget helps make life better in communities across Michigan by adding money for road repairs, public safety departments, parks and other programs to improve our daily lives.
  • The plan pays down millions of dollars in debt, helping relieve state liability and opening the door for a more secure financial future.