Rep. Calley joins colleagues in impactful occupational licensing plan

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Legislator: Common-sense measures are employee and employer friendly

Legislation from state Rep. Julie Calley diminishing the burden on businesses, their employees and consumers today was advanced in a vote by the House Local Government Committee.

Within the multi-bill plan Calley has sponsored, local governments in Michigan will not be allowed to impose licenses on occupations that already are regulated at the state level. If the state requires a license for an occupation that was previously unregulated by the state, a local government would be expected to remove or cease enforcement of its own licensing requirements for that particular profession.

“When aspiring employees or entrepreneurs within these fields are deterred from entering the profession due to fees often totaling hundreds of dollars, it naturally creates less competition,” said Calley, of Portland. “Less competition means more cost to Michigan consumers. It’s a lose-lose for the state.”

Currently, the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) regulates and licenses 15 different occupational professions. The licensing branch is responsible for reviewing applications, processing renewals, issuing licenses or registrations and maintaining records for almost 300,000 professionals throughout the state.

The proposal’s main bill, House Bill 5955, creates the Local Government Occupational Licensing Act. Calley’s bills, HBs 5964-65, are part of companion legislation ensuring cities, villages, townships and counties are in accordance with the new proposal. The bill package advances to the full House for consideration.