Rep. Brann sleeps outside city hall for Homelessness Awareness Week

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In recognition of Homelessness Awareness Week state Rep. Tommy Brann participated in the Homelessness Sleep Out in front of Lansing City Hall sponsored by the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness.

Before Rep. Brann set up camp he met with members of Volunteers for America to discuss their outreach in the Lansing area and people who had previously been homeless to talk about their experience with homelessness and shelters.

Rep. Brann slept outside with only a sleeping bag and a cardboard box for shelter from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. at which point he was transported to the City Rescue Mission in Lansing for breakfast with guests of the shelter.

When recounting his experience Rep. Brann stated: “To truly understand how devastating homelessness can be, I spent last night outside in a sleeping bag. It was a long, cold night.  Although homelessness has decreased by 9 percent in our state, 66,483 people were homeless last year in Michigan. After this experience, I have a new appreciation of homeless people for their strength, courage, and will for a better life. I will work to be a part of the solution in ending homelessness here in our state.”

Photo Information: State Rep. Tommy Brann sets up camp for the night in front of Lansing City Hall to participate in the Homelessness Sleep Out.