Rep. Brann: We must teach our kids about jobs, entrepreneurship

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West Michigan business owner wants to give students tools for success

State Rep. Tommy Brann today testified in support of his plan to include free enterprise and entrepreneurship as a curriculum requirement for 8th grade social studies instruction.

Brann, a restaurant owner in Wyoming, spoke of his personal experience that inspired this legislation.

“When I was 19 my dad had me working in his business,” Brann said. “I was lucky to have that experience and gain skills that my fellow classmates didn’t – it led me to be the businessman I am today.”

Under the newly proposed bill, the Michigan Department of Education would develop or adopt one or more model programs to be made available to school districts and public school academies. The program must include all of the following instruction:

  • Business vocabulary, including entrepreneurship, free enterprise, business finance, goods and services and innovation;
  • Entrepreneurs from Michigan and around the world;
  • Action activities, including setting short-term and long-term goals;
  • Business basics, including taxes for businesses and corporations, essential skills for business owners, and product and service-based business ideas; and
  • Creating a student project-based business plan.

Aimed at educating and providing students with the tools to open their own business, Brann said this initiative will ultimately give kids an understanding of how job creation works with the economy.

“I just really believe in this idea,” Brann said of his proposed legislation. “If I can do it, there’s no reason why every single Michigan student doesn’t have the potential to do it too. I want to give kids the tools, and more importantly hope, that they can be an entrepreneur.”

House Bill 5777 now waits for consideration by the House Education Reform Committee.