Rep. Brann: Ending driver responsibility fees provides a fresh start, forgives debt

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State Rep. Tommy Brann today voted for legislation to end the senseless driver responsibility fees and forgive outstanding debt.

Brann, of Wyoming, said the fees have been in place since 2003 and resulted in the revocation of hundreds of thousands of driver’s licenses across Michigan. At the time of initial passage, supporters said the fees would improve the driving skills of those paying them. Brann said all the fees accomplished was to place financial hardship on families.

“This fee created a Catch 22 in which people were required to pay the fees, but because their driver’s licenses were revoked, they had no reliable way to get to work,” Brann said. “One of my employees is shackled by these driver responsibility fees. She made a mistake and wants to get her life in order. This fee just keeps her from achieving a fresh start.”

Under the bipartisan package of bills, driver responsibility fees will end on Oct. 1, and all outstanding debt will be forgiven.

The legislation also creates a grace period from enactment of the bill thorough Dec. 31 that enables them to get their driver’s licenses back without paying a $125 restoration fee. People on monthly payment plans will receive immediate forgiveness, and others may participate in workplace development training programs to regain their driver’s licenses prior to Oct. 1.

The measures now go to the governor for consideration.