Rep. Bizon introduces legislation to improve and enhance FOIA law

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As a part of Sunshine Week, state Rep. Dr. John Bizon helped introduce a bipartisan 10-bill package to increase transparency in the governor’s office and state legislative offices.

The package brings important reforms to state government in Michigan. The bills add the offices of the governor and lieutenant governor to the Freedom of Information Act, and create the Legislative Open Records Act to allow citizens to request legislative records.

House Bill 5471 is sponsored by Rep. Bizon.

“There must be a more open relationship between leaders and their people. That is a key to our government,” said Rep. Bizon, R-Battle Creek. “This bipartisan package is part of a greater effort to make Michigan government more transparent and accountable to the citizens it serves.”

The lawmakers said long-standing obstacles to applying transparency rules to the Legislature have been the Michigan Constitution’s Speech and Debate Clause and Separation of Powers Clause, which protect legislative independence from the judicial branch. Creating the new Legislative Open Records Act will allow emails and other legislative communications to be available to the public.

For more information, contact Rep. Bizon’s office by email to or by phone to (517) 373-0555.