Rep. Bizon, a physician and kidney donor, champions efforts to raise awareness about Chronic Kidney Disease

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The effort to raise awareness about chronic kidney disease is vital to Rep. John Bizon as a physician and state lawmaker, but it’s also an issue that touches him on a personal level.

Bizon’s brother suffered from chronic kidney disease at a young age, and Rep. Bizon donated one of his kidneys to his brother in 1988. The transplant greatly improved his brother’s health for many years.

State Rep. John Bizon discusses his resolution on the House floor this week.

“Spreading the message about awareness and that there is something you can do to help can change a person’s life so much,” Rep. Bizon said. “Donating a kidney is truly the best thing I’ve ever done, more so than even being a state representative. I was able to make a difference, and help someone go from being very sick to healthy.”

The Michigan House this week approved House Resolution 242 introduced by Bizon, to declare March 2016 as Chronic Kidney Disease Awareness Month in the state of Michigan. Bizon said the resolution also helps to honor his brother, who has since passed away.

“There are twenty-six million American adults that have chronic kidney disease and millions of others have an increased risk,” said Rep. Bizon, R-Battle Creek. “This disease affects so many people, but early detection can help prevent the progression of it. Raising awareness in the public can potentially save lives.”

High risks groups for chronic kidney disease include those with diabetes, hypertension, and a family history of kidney failure. African Americans, Pacific Islanders, American Indians and seniors are also at an increased risk.

“I am very proud to be part of this resolution and to help raise awareness,” Rep. Bizon said. “Early warning and brave people who are willing to make a big sacrifice can greatly improve the quality of life for someone else.”