Rep. Bellino supports bills to improve student protection

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Legislation is in response to Nassar scandal at MSU

State Rep. Joe Bellino, of Monroe, today pledged his support for legislation to better protect victims involved in criminal sexual conduct-based offenses, in response to the recent scandal at Michigan State University.

“There were more than 200 girls and young women in the Larry Nassar case who had no voice. This legislation will change that,” Bellino said. “Crime victims have a right, just like anyone else, to speak up without repercussions.”

The legislation:

  • Adds a mandatory reporting requirement for K-12 and post-secondary coaches, assistant coaches and athletic trainers for criminal sexual conduct offenses;
  • Prohibits individuals from using their position of authority to prevent an individual from reporting a crime, including criminal sexual conduct;
  • Adds sexual abuse, assault, or rape to the state of Michigan’s Ok2Say program, which allows anyone to confidentially report tips or criminal activities directed at Michigan students, school employees or schools.

“While serving on the board at Monroe County Community College, I knew our primary goal was a safe educational environment for all students. That should be true for all campuses,” Bellino said. “We can learn a lot from what happened at MSU, but first and foremost is supporting the victims by ensuring they have a voice.”

House Bill 5537, 5538 and 5539 have been assigned to the House Law and Justice Committee.