Rep. Allor: House budget provides funds to prevent spread of chronic wasting disease

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Natural Resources budget also includes invasive species control initiatives

The House Natural Resources budget subcommittee today approved a spending plan that includes $1 million in funding to stop the spread of chronic wasting disease, Rep. Sue Allor of Wolverine announced.

“Left uncontrolled, chronic wasting disease has the potential to decimate Michigan’s deer population,” said Allor, chair of the subcommittee. “The Department of Natural Resources will use these funds to prevent this highly contagious disease from spreading and ensure that wildlife remains healthy.”

The DNR budget also includes $5 million to continue invasive species prevention and control initiatives, $3.6 million of which will fund grants for prevention, detection, eradication and control of invasive species.

“It’s critically important that we prevent the spread of non-native species that cause incredible harm to our state’s natural resources and our economy,” Allor said. “Asian Carp alone could do serious damage to Michigan’s $38 billion tourism economy and the Great Lakes region’s $7 billion fishing industry if the species makes its way into the Great Lakes.”

Keeping with her strong track record of advocating for transparency, Allor said she felt it was important to keep language in the budget that protects whistleblowers. The governor’s budget proposal suggested eliminating the language, which prohibits the DNR from punishing state employees for communicating with legislators and their staffs.

The DNR budget now moves to the full Appropriations Committee for consideration.