Rep. Allor, colleagues vote to improve government transparency

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State Rep. Sue Allor today voted for sweeping bipartisan legislation, including a bill she introduced, to make state government more transparent and accountable.

Allor, of Wolverine, explained the legislative package makes the governor and lieutenant governor subject to the Freedom of Information Act and creates a similar disclosure requirement for state representatives and senators called the Legislative Open Records Act.

“As a county commissioner I was subject to open records acts and there is absolutely no reason Michigan’s government should not adhere to the same accountability standards,” Allor said. “I made a commitment to foster a more open state government. This package of bills follows through on that promise.”

Allor introduced one bill in the package, creating the cost-oriented foundation for LORA which will itemize permissible fees – which will ensure that individuals requesting the information from government entities is not unfairly overcharged.”

Michigan is one of just a few states that do not subject their legislative and executive branches to open records acts. The House recently put a salary database of all House employees on its website to provide more accountability to taxpayers.