Rep. Alexander supports responsible budget with key investments for Michigan’s future

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State Rep. Julie Alexander of Hanover today voted in favor of a Michigan House budget plan that is fiscally responsible while still making key investments to improve communities and schools.

“We are proposing a smart, sound state budget,” Alexander said. “This plan prioritizes and gets the most out of the money taxpayers send us by focusing on what matters most to families in Jackson County and across the state.”

Highlights of the budget include:

  • State spending would be less in the next budget year than we spend today, with overall appropriations growth below the rate of inflation.
  • Michigan’s K-12 schools would get the highest funding in state history with a proposed $14.3 billion, including $100 more per student across the state. Funding for career and technical training would increase for equipment upgrades and for intermediate school districts to hire counselors.
  • Local governments would get 5 percent more in statutory revenue sharing for road repairs, public safety, parks and other programs to improve communities.
  • The plan pays down school retiree debt and adds to state government’s main savings account for tough times, pushing that emergency fund above $1 billion.

The bills now go to the Senate for consideration.