Rep. Alexander supports bills that give students better choice and schools more options

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State Rep. Julie Alexander of Hanover co-sponsored and voted for legislation that will give students more flexibility in their high school coursework to meet graduation requirements and prepare for a career or college studies.

“I have had countless conversations with educators, small business owners and parents in Jackson County on this very issue.  I am extremely pleased to vote on these important bills so quickly in my first term.” Alexander said.  “This legislation gives students the ability to have more options on classes that fit into their career pathway and college goals.”  Career Technical Education (CTE) programs in today’s high schools provide a real world option for students to explore on the way to certification, pre- apprentice and a future profession.”

The three bills are:

  • Allow students to complete their 21st Century Skills requirement through a career/technical education (CTE) or visual/performing arts course.
  • Allow for one of two required foreign language credits to be achieved through a CTE course, computer coding or certain visual/performing arts courses. This is current law, but legislation would remove the 2021 expiration date.
  • Allow a Statistics course to be an alternative to Algebra II within current Michigan Merit Standards that require at least four mathematic credits to graduate.

House Bills 4315, 4316 and 4318 advance to the Senate for consideration.