Rep. Alexander: People deserve transparency in government

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State Rep. Julie Alexander voted today in support of bipartisan legislation to make the Legislature and governor’s office more transparent to the people of Michigan.

Alexander, of Hanover, said the legislative package makes the governor and lieutenant governor subject to the Freedom of Information Act and creates a similar disclosure requirement for state representatives and senators called the Legislative Open Records Act.

“As a county commissioner I can attest that local government functions with a higher amount of transparency than the legislature and executive offices,” Alexander said.  “It’s time the legislature and the governor open more of our records.”

The legislation is similar to a package of bills introduced last session and passed overwhelmingly by the House. The bills never made it to the governor for signature.

Alexander said Michigan is one of just a few states that do not subject their legislative and executive branches to open records acts.

“I believe that transparency means accountability and openness,” Alexander said. “Having hosted over 10 public meetings in the first two and a half months of being a state representative, I value not only listening and being accessible to our Jackson community, but opening my records to the public.”